The Age of 3D Body Scanning

What is a 3D body scan?

A 3D body scan is a scan of your body using a specialised camera to create a three-dimensional digital model. This digital model captures detailed measurements and contours of the body from various angles, providing an accurate representation of your body's shape and size.

When to consider a 3D body scan

Deciding when to get a 3D body scan depends on your specific goals and needs. Some of the below considerations will help you determine the best timing

  • If you're just starting your fitness journey, a 3D body scan can provide a baseline measurement of your body composition along with upper body and lower body measurments enabling you to set realistic goals as you work towards improving your fitness and health
  • 3D body scanning is a great way to track progress regularly. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, build muscle or improve your overall body composition scheduling scans at regular intervals helps to monitor changes and adjust your fitness plan accordingly.
  • If you have set yourself specific fitness goals or milestones, such as reaching a certain body fat percentage or achieving a particular physique, getting a 3D body scan before and after reaching these milestones can provide tangible evidence of your progress and success.
  • If you find yourself lacking motivation and accountability, some people find scheduling regular 3D body scans helps keep them motivated and stay accountable to the commitment of their fitness goals. Visual representations of progress can be inspiring and help maintain momentum in your journey.

How does the 3D body scanner provide body composition and body measurements?

The 3D bodyscanner captures detailed images of the body's surface using a combination of sensors, camera and light projection systems. These images capture the contours, shapes, and dimensions of the body's surface.

The captured images are processed to create a point cloud, a set of data points in three-dimensional space representing the surface of the body. Each data point corresponds to a specific location on the surface of the body.

The point cloud is then processed further to reconstruct a surface mesh, which is a digital repesentation of the body's surface. This surface mesh accurately depicts the contours and shape of the body, providing a detailed 3D model.

Specialised software analyses the surface mesh extract body measurements and dimensions. This process involves identifying key landmark reference points on the body, such as joints or anatomical features, and measuring distances, angles, and proportions between these points.

In addition to body measurements, 3D body scanners incorporate algorithms to estimate body composition metrics like body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and visceral fat measurements combined with statistical models or machine learning algorithms.

Before you begin your scan, you will likely be asked to wear tight fitting or minimal clothing, this is to ensure the scanner is measuring your body, not the clothing you are wearing.


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