FatMax Test

Discover how your body burns fat during exercise to optimise weight loss.
For people trying to lose weight this will tell you exactly how to exercise in order to reach your goals.

What is a FatMax Test?

The FatMax test identifies the intensity level at which you maximise fat burning during exercise. This test is valuable for those seeking to optimise their training and nutrition strategies for weight loss and endurance performance.

The test helps identify the specific heart rate or intensity level at which fat bruning is at its highest, this can lead to workouts that will optimise fat burn results and help with weight loss.

Reviewing FatMax test results on a laptop
Fitting a heart rate monitor ready for a FatMax test

Why take a FatMax Test

  • Optimise Fat Burning: Identifying the intensity at which the body burns the most fat can be useful for individuals aiming for weight loss or improved body composition.
  • Endurance Training: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can use FatMax data to tailor their training zones, optimising endurance performance while preserving glycogen stores.
  • Personalised Exercise Plans: FatMax testing allows for the development of personalised exercise plans, ensuring that you train in the most efficient zone for your specific goals.

What happens during the test?

The test is performed on a treadmill, you will be asked to walk or jog slowly whilst wearing a face mask attached to our monitoring system. The system will measure both your respiritory gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) and your heart rate, in order to determine the point at which fat burning peaks.

Fitting the face mask ready for a FatMax test
An example of our FatMax test results

Test Results

Your results will clearly show a breakdown of how many Calories of Carbohydrates and how many Calories of Fat your body burns at each step of the test. Each step represents an increasing heart rate, thus indentifying the heart rate at which max fat burning occurs.

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Frequently asked questions

A FatMax test typically takes around 15 to 20 minutes. But please allow 45 minutes in total for your appointment.
You will be required to walk/jog on a treadmill so it is recommended to wear comfortable exercise clothing.
For best results avoid food, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing.
Results are typically available shortly after your test. Your friendly BodyView technician will sit down after the test and go through them with you.

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