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From VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate tests to Dexa Scanning, we offer individually tailored tests to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

VO2 Max Test


Our VO2 Max test provides insights into your cardiovascular fitness, enabling you to customise your training for optimal efficiency.

When to Consider VO2 Max Testing:

  • Athletic Performance: Athletes in endurance sports, such as running, cycling, and triathlons, can benefit from understanding their VO2 Max to tailor training plans.
  • Fitness Assessments: Individuals seeking a comprehensive assessment of their cardiovascular fitness can use VO2 Max testing for personalised insights.
  • Health Monitoring:Individuals seeking a comprehensive assessment of their cardiovascular fitness can use VO2 Max testing for personalised insights.
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A customer receiving advice before starting a vo2 max test on a treadmill
A customer having the heart rate monitor fitted for a FatMax test

FatMax Test


FatMax Testing identifies the point at which your body burns the maximum amount of fat, this takes all the guesswork out of losing weight through exercise.

When to Consider FatMax Testing:

  • Weight Management: Individuals aiming for weight loss can benefit from understanding their FatMax to optimise their exercise intensity for fat burning.
  • Endurance Athletes: Athletes, especially those in endurance sports, can use FatMax testing to fine-tune their training zones and enhance overall performance.
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RMR Test


Our RMR test measures the amount of Calories your body requires at rest. Once this has been identified we can identify the perfect Calorie intake to acheive your weight goals.

When to Consider RMR Testing:

  • Weight Management: Individuals seeking effective weight management strategies can benefit from RMR testing to understand their unique metabolic needs.
  • Athletic Performance: Athletes looking to optimise their training and diets can use RMR data to tailor their nutrition and fitness plans.
  • Clinical Applications: RMR testing can also be useful in clinical settings, helping healthcare professionals address metabolic disorders and guide patients toward healthier lifestyles.
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A customer participating in an RMR test
A customer staging in position about to be scanned by our 3d body scanner

3D body scanning provides highly accurate and detailed measurements of over 20 body parameters, including circumferences, lengths, and volumes.

It provides a clear and consistent record of your progress over time, and is ideal for tracking changes and holding yourself accountable.

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DEXA Body Scan


DEXA Scanning is the gold standard in precision body analysis. It shows you a detailed breakdown of lean muscle mass, visceral fat, and bone density.

When to Consider DEXA Body Composition Scan:

  • Body Composition Insight: Individuals aiming for a detailed understanding of their body composition, including muscle, fat, and bone density, can benefit from a DEXA Scan.
  • Osteoporosis Assessment: DEXA's precision makes it an invaluable tool for assessing bone density, aiding in the early detection of osteoporosis.
  • Fitness Optimisation: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their training can use DEXA Scan results to refine their fitness plans.
  • Clinical Use: DEXA Scans can assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing and addressing a variety musculoskeletal and metabolic concerns for patients.

Our scanner has been installed, our staff are trained, and we are now just waiting for final Government CQC approval to start taking bookings. Be the first to be notified and enjoy an introductory DEXA price of just £94.95 by adding your email address here.

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Our dexa scanner

Example Reports

If you would to know more about the kind of information you will receive from our services take a look at our example reports.



Don’t just take our word for it – read through our reviews and see for yourself why our clients trust and rely on BodyView for their fitness and weight loss needs!

I recently had one of my clients undergo a VO2Max test at BodyView Fareham, and I couldn't be more impressed with the experience. The team there was not only super professional but also incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. The facility itself has top-notch equipment, and the staff's expertise made my client feel at ease. The VO2Max results were detailed and gave us valuable insights into my client's cardiovascular fitness, helping us fine-tune our training approach. This is a great tool for me, to further motivate my clients - achieving success!

Rob Nichols

I had an awesome experience at BodyView Fareham with the VO2Max Test and 3D Body Scan! The team there is not only super friendly but also knows their stuff. The VO2Max test gave me some real insights into my cardio fitness, and the 3D Body Scan was like seeing myself in a whole new way. Having those visual results was a game-changer—being able to see where I'm at and track my progress visually is so motivating. The staff walked me through everything, making it easy to understand. If you're into fitness and want a cool way to track your goals, definitely check out BodyView Fareham!

Jase Downing

BodyView Fareham's 3D Body Scans have become my go-to for tracking progress, and I can't recommend them enough. Being able to see my body's visual changes over time is essential to my fitness journey. The staff at BodyView Fareham are always so welcoming. It's not just a scan; it's a visual roadmap of my fitness achievements, and it keeps me motivated to push harder! If you're looking for a fun and effective way to track your fitness journey, the 3D Body Scans at BodyView Fareham are the way to go!

Karla Donaldson

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