3D Body Scanning

Get a detailed view of your body's measurements and track your progress.
For people of all shapes and sizes, regular body scans can increase motivation and help to keep you on track.

What is a 3D Body Scan?

3D body scanning provides highly accurate and detailed measurements of various body parameters, including circumferences, lengths, and volumes. This precision surpasses traditional measurement methods, allowing for more accurate tracking of changes in body composition over time.

A customer having their results explained after a 3d body scan
A customer standing ready for a 3d body scan

Why have a 3D Body Scan?

  • Progress Tracking: Regular 3D body scans enable users to visually track their fitness progress. Comparing scans over time allows individuals to see changes in body shape, muscle development, and fat reduction, providing tangible evidence of the effectiveness of their fitness and health efforts.
  • Personalised Fitness Programs: With precise body measurements, fitness professionals can create tailored exercise programs based on an individual's unique body shape and proportions. This personalised approach enhances the effectiveness of workouts, leading to more targeted and efficient results.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Seeing a visual representation of your body and its changes over time can be a powerful motivational tool. The evidence provided by 3D body scans can inspire individuals to stay committed to their fitness goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

What happens during the scan

During the scan you will be asked to stand on a platform with your arms out stretched. The platform then slowly rotates approximately 1 and a half times, whilst the infrared scanner records your body measurements.

A customer standing ready for a 3d body scan
An example of our 3d body scan results

Test Results

Your results will clearly show a breakdown of measurements of over 20 body parts, as well as an indication of body fat and lean mass.

You will also be provided with a 3D image of your body, this is ideal for comparing over time.

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Frequently asked questions

A body scan test typically takes around 5 minutes. But please allow 45 minutes in total for your appointment.
Wear close body-hugging clothing - cycling shorts or leggings with a bra top or skin-tight top for women, and figure-hugging boxer shorts or in conjunction with a skin-tight top for men. Consistent clothing for future scans is recommended for accurate comparisons.
Results are typically available shortly after your test. Your friendly BodyView technician will sit down after the test and go through them with you.
If you are exercising or actively changing body weight we suggest getting regularly scans to assist motivation and keep track of the changes.

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