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Individual Tests

Please note all individual tests are 45 minutes long.

RMR Test

Resting Metabolic Rate

RMR data helps in determining the ideal caloric intake for weight loss or muscle gain, allowing for more precise and sustainable results.


FatMax Test

Optimal Fat Burning during Exercise

Identifying the intensity at which the body burns the most fat can be useful for individuals aiming for weight loss or improved body composition.


VO2 Max Test

Cardiovascular Fitness and Endurance Capacity

VO2 Max, or maximal oxygen consumption, is the highest amount of oxygen an individual can utilize during intense exercise. It is a reliable measure of cardiovascular health and overall fitness.


3D Body Scan

Precise body measurements

3D body scanning provides highly accurate and detailed measurements of various body parameters, including circumferences, lengths, and volumes.


Money Saving Bundles

Get more for your money with our bundles.


Save £20

DEXA Scan, 3D Body Scan

Gold Standard DEXA scan, using world leading body composition software, including 3D measurements and insights for unrivalled tracking accuracy.

Duration: 1 hour


DEXA VO2 Master

Save £20

DEXA Scan, VO2 Max

Gold Standard DEXA scan, using world leading body composition software, including VO2 Max.

Duration: 2 hours


DEXA Bone Health

Save £20

These 3 X Gold standard DEXA bone health scans include a full body scan and body composition analysis, as well as a separate hip and spine scan for definitive overall bone health.

Duration: 1 hour


DEXA Weight Loss

Save £105

DEXA Scan, Fat Max, RMR, 3D Body Scan

Optimise your weight loss by discovering your ideal caloric intake and optimal exercise intensity, while tracking your progress.

Ideal for people struggling to lose weight.

Duration: 2 hours


DEXA Performance

Save £105

DEXA Scan, VO2 Max, 3D Body Scan, RMR

Optimise your fitness performance by determining your ideal caloric intake and measuring both your external measurements and your fitness level.

Ideal for people wanting to reach their peak fitness potential.

Duration: 2 hours


DEXA Athlete

Save £125

DEXA Body Comp, DEXA Osteo, VO2 Max, RMR, 3D Body Scan

The Gold Standard DEXA scan, enhanced with world-leading body composition software, includes hip and spine scans, 3D measurements, VO2 Max, and Metabolic Rate assessments.

Duration: 3 hours


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